Published bimonthly, PSC is the authoritative source of information on public safety communications worldwide. We seek articles of direct relevance to comm center managers and directors, telecommunicators, IT personnel and engineers. We prefer practical, hands-on articles drawn from real-world experiences; we do not accept articles that are promotional in nature. All accepted submissions will be edited, and some may require rewrites; the editor will seek author approval for any substantive changes. Should the need arise, postponement or, in rare cases, exclusion of an accepted article is at the discretion of the editor. Before you begin writing, please see our general submission guidelines below, as well as our in-depth PSC Writing Tips. apcointl.org 1
Hall K. Submit Article. apcointl.org. https://www.apcointl.org/submit-article.html. Accessed July 28, 2017.

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